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Current School Tax Rates:  Royhart   23.92783   Per $1000 of Assessed Value

                                                                 ..244915  Per $1000 of Assessed Value Royhart Library

                                            Barker      17.050358  Per $1000 Assessed Value

                                                                 ..290274  Per $1000 Assessed Value Barker Library

                                            Medina     23.516632  Per $1000 Assessed Value

                                                                1.486576  Per $1000 Assessed Value Medina Library

In a perfect world take your assessed value and multiply it by the numbers of your school district then divide by 1000.  This will give you the taxes with no exemptions.

For county and Town bills check out the Taxes Online feature.  All properties are listed there.


Welcome to the Town of Hartland's new online assessment website.  The 2015 final roll data has been posted and sales information will be updated monthly to provide you with the most current property information.

Assessor Information

Michael S. Hartman, Assessor

8942 Ridge Rd

Gasport, NY 14067

Phone: 716-735-7778

Fax: 716-735-3061

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